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LAST UPDATE: June 13 06

This is the official LIBERTINES FANLISTING, established on September 28, 2003. The purpose of a FANLISTING is to unite all of the FANS of any particular genre, book, or BAND. The Libertines have burst out of BRITAIN, quickly becoming the PET of NME and other tabloids; while they received incredible praise for their FRESHMAN RELEASE, the Libertines takced up tabloid covers for more than swift chords and Kinks references-- namely, ahem, DRUGS and MAYHEM. The soap-opera entanglement of drugs, knives, court-dates, rock'n'roll, supermodels, Pete/Carl rumours, band BREAK-UPS, band REUNIONS, and SIDE-PROJECTS, is fuel to the fire for Libertines fans-- PHOTOGRAPHERS, GIGGERS, SLASHERS, EXPERTS, and over-excited SPAZZERS (God bless them).

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